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Yes please, I want JoomShareBar PRO (Premium) - 1 Year / 3 Domains Support

What do I get, immediately after the purchase is completed?
  • The latest version of JoomShareBar PRO and free future updates for 1 Year (365 days)
  • Excellent 1-to-1 support for 1 Year for JoomShareBar PRO, restricted to max. 3 domains of your choice (you can use the extension on as much websites as you like, but I will give support for 3 domains only)
  • The User Manual of JoomShareBar PRO

ps. If you are not 100% happy with the plugin within 30 days after purchase, I will refund you without any questions.
pps. This is a one-time fee (no recurring payments). After 1 year you can keep using the plugin, but support and updates will not be continued, unless you manually renew your subscription.

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